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7Pcs/Set Russian Piping Tips
14pcs/set Russian Piping Tips
38Pcs Stainless Steel Nozzles Set
Easy Decorating Icing Pen
Color Swirl 3-Color Coupler
Double Tip Nozzle Piping Set
XL Icing Piping Nozzle
SugarCraft Molding Tools (33pcs)

Our Happy Customers

I Really Really Love It!

I got the 56 piece set for my 13 year old daughter for Christmas. She has a small business making and decorating cakes. She has only had them for a week so far but is in love! She couldn't have been more thrilled with them. They are a great value and very well made. She has found them fun and easy to use. She is very good at making flowers using the Wilton method but these tips make things go much faster. Which will be good on a school nights when she has a cake to deliver the next day. These are the first cupcakes and cake she made playing with a couple of the tips. I am considering getting her the larger set so she will have all the tips.

Sarah Steele

Absolutely Brilliant!

So far so good! I just used the tips for the very first time yesterday. I decided to just run with it and skip the practice on wax paper. I made cupcakes and my buttercream recipe and went to town! So it takes a little practice...but you know for a first time ever I was impressed! These are neat little tips! Well not 'LITTLE' persay. They are quite a bit bigger than your average decorating tips. They will make a big difference on any future cakes I make. I am not a professional cake decorator, but with these I am sure I can make some awesome looking cakes! I think anyone can get the hang of it. You learn just how much to squeeze out before you pull up and how much pressure. Once you get the feel of that you will be up and running. Like anything it takes a little practice...but not so much that you cannot create something pretty right off the bat! I am adding some photos of my VERY FIRST they aren't perfect, but I can only expect to get better! I sent some to the neighbor and she was impressed. They come in a nice little storage box too! Many to choose from. I only used 3 of the tips and a leaf tip I already had. I can definitely say if you are looking for a good quality set this one is worth purchasing!

Alicia Robertson

Just Like Heaven!

Fabulous product, quality and price! This is the finest set I've bought (I have had several) and will without question, be my last. It has EVERYTHING! I'm so happy with it,and having fun playing with all the different tips! It will take a long time to try all of them-there are so many different tips!I had guests coming over and after decorating a cake, I decided to try something different. I just served the most beautiful twice baked potatoes anyone has ever seen!The seller is fabulous, sending a thank you along with following up to be certain I we happy with my purchase. You are the BEST , hands down!!!I appreciate the great customer service SO much!!!!I'm telling everyone I know to shop with them because they truly care that their customers are happy even AFTER the sale! Couldn't be happier!

Cerys Green


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