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DIY wedding decoration ideas


Over time I have found the crystal beads to be of a great deal! The crystal beads sparkle and shine so bright. Some few months ago I attended my sister`s wedding, and the décor that had been used was none other but the crystal beads.  With what I encountered during this event, I can assure you they are beautiful decors to use for any occasion like weddings. The way they made the occasion colorful,  makes them ideal for your event. The crystal beads were the center of attraction. They made the venue to appear so heavenly. They come with bright beading-type wire individually cut for each piece which is so great since you can make some hang longer or shorter depending on what size you need. The crystal beads are light in weight making it easy for them to suspend freely in the air! They feature different shapes hence you can choose from the wide variety.

Wooden bride and groom chair signs

Are you looking for the perfect chairs with beautiful signs to sit on during your wedding? Look no more! The wooden bride and groom chair has been made to sort your needs. These chair signs are engraved with romantic words in rustic wood. The words appear as my bride" and "My groom. These words bring out the theme of love. They are freely hanged on the bride and groom chairs. They are specifically used for occasions like wedding. A white ribbon and eye-catching flowers are included to make the chairs more attractive. These sweet and romantic chair signs can also be used as photo props of the couple before, during, or after the wedding reception.

13 head silk luxury artificial peony

Are you having a hard time, trying to make the best choice on the ideal flowers to choose for your wedding?  Having dealt with flowers for so long, I have a vast knowledge of flowers, and I can assure you that the 13 head silk luxury artificial peony will be a perfect selection for your occasion. It is made of silk material that enables them to look beautiful and appear just like a real flower. The well- made 13 head silk luxury artificial peony have vibrant colors that create elegance to your decoration. It features a very high-quality material that makes it durable.

54"x40Yards Nylon Fabric

If you are considering a DIY wedding decoration, the 54"x40Yards Nylon Fabric must be on your list. The solid color and the quality material it is made from will make your wedding not only colorful but easy to pull together.  It is suitable for both wedding reception and the church service. With the 54"x40Yards Nylon Fabric the color will not limit you as they come in a variety of colors.




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