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5 Ideas to Create an Artistic and Modern space

A modern home is the hottest trend in 2018. Millennias are choosing more Grey's and white's around the house and bringing in color through unique accent pieces and personalizing their space with decor that speaks to their design sense. A big reason is that we all like change. Decor and accents are easy to change while keeping neutral tones on the walls, Cabinets and furniture. Decor can easily and quickly change your space. It allows you to play with bold colors without the worry of permanency and commitment. 


Here are top 5 Modern and Artistic ideas to update your space

1) Add Potted Plants

- Bonsai plants are the hottest trend. They add color and dept to your space. Whether you want to create a zen, minimalist, modern or even rustic look, you can add some green to your room. Office spaces, small spaces, they can be used as a beautiful decoration to lighten up any space.

2) Wall Art with Quotes

- Personalize your space with wall art that reflects your inner self. It could be a play area, kids bedroom, kitchen area or even Laundry room, add framed art that brings forward your unique perspective toward life or adds a little humor to your day, Maybe inspire your family. A picture speaks a thousand words and words of wisdom and positivity can create beauty all around your space.



3) Low Maintenance Luxury

- Silk flowers add a touch of elegance and modern luxury to any space. They are low maintenance, perfect for party decors and bring life to any neutral space. Add scented incense sticks inside the pot to create an aura of serenity and luxury in your space.


4) Bold Textiles

- Add some color to your space by adding cushions that have pattern and bold colors. You can also change it seasonally to bring the outdoors. Adding shades of mustard, olive greens, bright blues and Rust will lighten up your room and your life.

5) Decorative lights 

- Proper lighting brings life to even the plainest of rooms. And adding light that creates art is like killing two birds with one stone. Add art and brighten up your space. Choose white, yellow or soft lights to create the exact ambiance that creates the perfect style for your space. 



  • Beautiful Green plants on your website.

  • I love the wall art! Will definitely have it.


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